Specially Admitted Applicants

Regulations for Specially Admitted Students

In addition to the students admitted to courses leading to degrees, the Vice Chancellor may admit to the University as specially admitted students, for limited periods, such persons as he may deem fit provided that they comply with the following regulations

Special Admissions

The following persons are eligible for special admission:

  1. Persons sponsored by governments or other employers to read certain courses, not for credit towards a University qualification, under a special arrangement.
  2. Private individuals who wish to pursue and develop a particular area of intellectual interest.
  3. Graduates of the University of the West Indies or of other recognised universities who wish to pursue a particular course or courses:
  1. to equip themselves for a particular job;
  2. to increase efficiency in the performance of a job;
  3. to satisfy entry requirements to a programme in this or another institution;
  4. to update or improve their knowledge in a subject.
  1. Such students should be know as "specially admitted students"
  2. Applications for special permission must be made on the appropriate forms.
  3. To be considered for entry as "specially admitted students", applicants should normally be able to meet the matriculation requirements.
  4. Those students who do not satisfy the requirements for entry to the University should provide satisfactory evidence of their previous studies. In appropriate cases they may be required to sit for special entrance examination. In the assessment of the qualifications due allowance should be made for their maturity.
  5. Specially admitted students shall be required to pay the appropriate fees as are in force.
  6. Such students shall be required to comply with the General Regulations for students as are in force.
  7. Normally, a specially admitted student should be allowed to take no more than (12) credits in any given year; nor more than a total of 24 credits under this category of registration
  8. Specially admitted students are permitted to write the University examinations appropriate to the course(s) they have been allowed to pursue
  9. Their membership of the University of the University shall be subject to satisfactory reports on their work and conduct
  10. The credits obtained through special admissions can be counted towards UWI certification and University programmes provided they have been obtained within such time limits as are set from time to time by the institution.

Steps to apply for special admission to the UWI Mona.

  1. Download the application from the international page on the admissions site
  2. Review courses of interest and note the Course Code and correct name of the course.
  3. Include the course codes with the course name where indicated on the form.
  4. Include the course codes with the course name where indicated on the form.
  5. Take the form to the Department offering the course and request that they approve the course by place initials next to the course name.
  6. Take the signed (initialled) form to the Admissions Section with the receipt of the J$900 application fee that was paid at the NCB Bank, and an original and copy of the birth certification and previous academic records (CXC, CAPE, A-Levels). If an associate degree, diploma, teacher's certificate or degree from any tertiary institution, request a transcript be sent directly to the Assistant Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica.
  7. Await confirmation from the Admissions Section that your offer of entry has been approved and package prepared.
  8. Accept the offer by indicating on the enclosed acceptance sheet.
  9. Register for the course.