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What are the requirements for entry to full-time programmes at the University of the West Indies?

The University requires a minimum of five (5)subjects of which two(2) should be at the Advanced level. English Language is compulsory for entry to all undergraduate degree programmes. Entry to some programmes is highly competitive and requires highly competitive grades. .

b. Equivalence include GCE A-levels; Associate Degrees from approved institutions, Teachers Diplomas from approved institutions, Year 1 or university degrees of approved universities or SAT1&SAT 11

c. Specific faculty requirements may apply in some instances. For example co-curricular involvements or specific subjects.

What are the requirements for entry to the Faculty of Science and Technology?

a. The Faculty of Science and Technology admits persons to a general BSc degree in the first instance. Students after year 1 are required to choose their major and these are approved based on performance in Year 1 and prior academic work.

b. Mathematics, 2 lab sciences subjects at the CXC level or equivalent (include the mandatory English Language), and 2 lab sciences at the CAPE level.

c. The Faculty accepts persons with CXC only to a 4-year programme beginning with the preliminary year of lab science subjects and university foundation courses.

What are the requirements for entry to the Faculty of Social Sciences?

a. The Faculty of Social Sciences admits students to full time, part time and weekend programmes

b. Mathematics and distinction in English Language at the CXC level are mandatory requirements. The Faculty offers EC08A in the summer as equivalent to the CXC mathematics for qualifying purposes. The English Language Proficiency Test is offered several times during the application period to persons with less than distinction.

c. The BSc Social Work requires a record of co-curricular activity and that applicants attend scheduled interviews.

What are the requirements for entry to the Faculty of Medical Sciences?

a. The Faculty offers the Bachelor of Medicine,Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme, the Bachelor of Basic Medical Sciences(BBMS) and Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing, Physical Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging.

b. Entry to the MBBS programme requires Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology and Chemistry at the CXC level or equivalent and distinction in Biology, Chemistry and one other approved subject at the CAPE level or equivalent.

c. A certified record of co-curricula activities recorded on the appropriate form downloaded from the website is required

d. A 300-word personal essay is also required.

e. Persons qualifying with community college or university degrees are required to request transcripts of their academic work from their previous institution to be sent directly to the Admissions Section, UWI Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica.

f. Entry to the BBMS programme is similar to that of the MBBS but requires only 2 CAPE-equivalent subjects in lab sciences.

g. Entry to the BSc Nursing programme requires English Language, Mathematics or Physics, Biology (or Human & Social Biology) and 2 other approved subjects at the CXC level with at least 3 passes at Grades 1 or 2. Applicants will be invited to be interviewed.

h. Entry to the BSc Physical Therapy programme requires 5 CXCs that include Mathematics and 2 other lab subjects, and CAPE passes (or equivalent) in 2 lab subjects. 60 volunteer hours in approved physical therapy facilities are also required.

i. Entry to the BSc Diagnostic Imaging programmes requires 5 CXCs that include Mathematics and 2 other lab subjects, and CAPE passes (or equivalent) in 2 lab subjects. Applicants will be invited to be interviewed.

What are the requirements for entry to the Faculty of Humanities & Education?

a. Entry to Humanities (BA) programmes – History, Literature, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Media, etc. – requires CXC English Language or equivalent at the distinction level and at least 2 humanities subjects.

b. Entry to the Education (BEd) programmes requires a Teacher’s Diploma from an approved institution to pursue the 66 credit programme, or the normal requirement for BA to pursue the 90 credit programme.

c. Geography can be pursued through the Faculty of Humanities & Education for persons lacking Mathematics. Computing can be pursued through the faculty persons lacking laboratory science subjects.

How do I get a room in a Hall of Residence??

It is important to include this information on the on-line application form. After receiving an offer of entry, contact the Hall directly to arrange accommodation.

How do I get a transfer from full time to part time or from one campus or programme to another?

a. Part time or full time transfers to another modality require an online request to the Faculty. For new students, new offers of entry will be prepared after written requests are reviewed by the faculty.

b. Programme or Campus transfers require completion and submission to the Admissions Section of a form downloaded from the website. The form must be signed by representatives of both campuses or faculties before a transfer letter is prepared by Admissions.

How do I get a scholarship or bursary?

Visit the Office of Student Financing or their website at http://myspot.mona.uwi.edu/osf/

Are there housing facilities available for International students?

International students may visit the Office of Students’ Services website: http://www.mona.uwi.edu/oss/accomodation.html.Here you will be able to seek available accommodation options.